SEO Copywriting

One of the weapons we have in our arsenal to help boost the rankings of your online business is Search Engine Optimised (SEO) Copywriting. You may be wondering why SEO copywriting is so important? The words on your website tell a story. The way you tell your story and the words and phrases you use will play a pivotal role in attracting visitors to your site and converting those visitors to loyal customers.

It takes highly skilled SEO Copywriters to find the ideal balance between boosting your search engine rankings and engaging your visitors so they convert to customers. SEO copywriting is first and foremost written for the visitors of your website. The copy should have a natural flow and encourage visitors to stay.

It should be powerful and seductive!

It should not be written with the sole purpose of making search engines happy. It’s not the search engines who will buy your products and become your loyal customers. Your visitors may do – so our SEO copy is written with them in mind.

The words on your website are your voice on the internet – Choose them wisely