Search Engine Optimisation

If you have a business website and you want results Search Engine Optimisation is critical! You may be wondering why?

Let us give you the inside scoop. . .

  • Most people, including your customers, use search engines to find information before making a purchase — if they find your competitor first you lose the sale
  • Optimising your website will boost the traffic to your website — resulting in more leads and sales
  • You can enjoy improved profits and brand awareness
  • Your competitors are most likely using Search Engine Optimisation to improve their website rankings

Many businesses, small and large, are under the assumption creating a website is enough. This type of thinking is similar to purchasing a new mobile phone and not giving anyone the phone number.

How can you expect to receive calls?

Creating a website, just like buying a mobile phone, is the first step in building your business online. The next step is to optimise your website to get maxium traffic, leads, sales and profit. That’s where we come in to the picture.

So now you know why your website needs optimising let us get our hands dirty by taking a look at your site.

We’re industry-hardened professionals with the knowledge and experience to take care of your SEO requirements.

We can tailor our SEO services or develop a complete website marketing strategy to your business and budget.

Below are just some of the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services we offer our clients to improve search engine rakings and traffic to their website. If you’re looking for something specific such as set up and management of Twitter or a social media presence just send us an email.

Website Evaluation: We will go over your website with a fine tooth comb to see what works and what doesn’t. We start by looking at the big issues that will improve your search engine rankings and website traffic. Some of these include taking in to consideration how search engines see your website (which is different to how humans view it), use of your keywords and phrases, understanding your competition and reviewing your meta data information. After covering off the big issues we will dig a little deeper and start looking on a micro level to see what can be done to tweak and improve your website.

Link Building: One of the main criteria of search engines to rank websites is the number and quality of inbound links they possess. Our efficient and strategic link building campaigns provide your website with sufficient number of links to boost the ranking of your website in SERPS.

Local Search Engine Optimisation (LSEO): Is becoming increasingly important to all businesses. The combination of technology such as Google Maps, iPhones and local business listings on the internet is driving a change in the way people find your business. We can help you get upper hand in your local area and market.

Content Creation & Distribution: Someone once said when referring to the success of websites on the internet “Content is King”. This still holds true today. Our SEO copywriters can deliver high quality content for your website, blog, squidoo pages and press releases. If you don’t have a blog, don’t know what a squidoo page is or have never published a press release online we can create a content and distribution strategy for your business.

Niche Directory Submission: We will research, investigate and seek out niche directories which are highly relevant to your business. Such directories and their website links will boost the concentrated flow of targeted traffic to your website.