Site Review: Pure Fitness Manly

Site Review:

What an informative site for people interested in fitness, especially for those living in and around Manly.

Below are some points you may want to consider for SEO and improving the overall user experience of your website.

Meta Keyword Stuffing: Keywords included the meta information no longer hold the weight they previously did in search engines, however including a large number of keywords may be seen as quite spammy. I would recommend reducing the number of keywords for the keyword attribute to no more than five, and they should highlight or focus on what each page is about rather than being identical for every page as yours currently are.

For example, your Meta Keywords are personal training manly, personal trainer manly, group training manly, boot camp manly, personal trainer northern beaches, corporate health, corporate fitness, manly, northern beaches, sydney, weight loss, boxing, get fit, improve health.

Links: Have you ever noticed when you search the internet you start on one website and then you follow a link to another site that interests you. . .and then on to another and another. These links are fundamental to the internet, hence it being called the web – the web of links! At the moment you have 8 external links pointing your website. Your web of links is very small and as it stands wont capture much traffic. Just like a spiders web, the bigger it is the more chance you have of capturing those elusive potential clients.

You should also consider reviewing your internal link structure by cross linking pages using the most appropriate keywords in the anchor text of your links. For example, the home page of this website is about “Website Marketing and SEO in Sydney” and could use anchor text like this Website Marketing and SEO – Sydney to help inform people of what information is on the page they’re about to click on.

Images: I’ve had a quick scan of your images and they’re not very search engine or user friendly. For example, the first image on the Personal Training page is called _MG_7368.jpg. I would recommend creating descriptive names for your images such as female-boxing-manly-beach.jpg.

Also, your images are not displaying alternate text for images that cannot be displayed.

Video: Your videos are great, however I couldn’t find them on You Tube. Why not create an account with You Tube and publish your videos.

Call to Action: I see you’re offering “One Week Unlimited Pass For Group Sessions”, however it’s a bit lost on your site. I’m sure once people have attended one or two of your classes they’re hooked and become paying clients, so make your special offer STANDOUT!

Title Tags & Metadescription: I would consider reviewing your titles and descriptions. This local website review explains the importance of Title Tags.

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