Site Review: Golden Ireland

Site Review:

Title Tag

Your title tags include your keywords, however they could be more specific to your target audience. A good start would be to refine your keywords and phrases using Google’s Keyword Tool. Your home page title tag is more in line with information included in the meta keywords rather than the title tag. Also, your title tag on your home page could benefit from being shorter, 65-70 characters including spaces.

Improvements can also be made to the title tags on other pages, making sure the keywords used reflect the information outlined in the body of the page.

Header Tags

Your H1 and H2 header tags on your home page could be improved to target your keywords more specifically. They are currently:

H1 – Travel, News, Information and Discount Offers for Over 55s in Ireland
H2 – Welcome to Golden Ireland

Call to Action

When people reach your website what action do you want them to take? Currently it’s not very clear. To help your visitors you must lead them by the hand, directing them to the areas of the website you want them to visit. Otherwise you will fail to catch their attention and they will leave. I have noticed you have a member sign up page, however the link to the sign up page is very small and more than likely missed by most visitors.

If your call to action is to increase the number of members so you can contact them in the future I would suggest making the sign up process as easy as possible with a highly visible sign up form on all pages, especially your home page.

External Links

Currently you have 852 external links to Golden Ireland, however many of these links are coming from just several sites. I recommend working on building a link profile which includes links from a wider range of external websites.

Internal Links

Or links between pages on your own website can help with navigation. Also, keep in mind you can use your keywords in your anchor text for links. This will help play a role in improving your rankings in search engines.

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