Site Review: GoldCompany

Website Review:

Firstly, you have a very clean website and the GoldPack form is a very strong call to action so people know exactly what to do when they reach your website. Also, you’re postioned well for your keywords in your Google Adwords campaign.

A couple of points you may want to consider which will help with driving traffic from the internet:

Improve your title tags – one of the most important factors in SEO. At the moment your title on every page is “The GoldCompany, Australia – 1300 506 707 | Sell Gold | Cash for Gold | Gold Exchange”. Your title tag should be your keywords such as “Sell Gold”, “Cash for Gold” and “Gold Exchange”, however you should use specific keywords for each page on your website which describe the information on that page.

Also, I would recommend moving your most important keywords to the start of your title rather than using “The GoldCompany, Australia – 1300 506 707”. This provides very little benefit from an SEO viewpoint as you already rank No1 for GoldCompany — it’s the name of your business and URL.

Lastly, your title tags should be a maximum of 65-70 characters.

Meta Description – Is empty on each of your pages. A description should be included as a summary for each page which includes your keywords for that page.

Links – Currently you have 4 external links from other websites pointing to the GoldCompay website. A link building campaign is recommended to help your natural rankings.

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