Site Review: Bromley House Clearance

Website Review:

Title Tag

Title tags are the most important piece of text appearing on each page for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Every page should have its own unique title tag, which is currently not the case.

The title tag for every page is: Bromley House Clearance.

Each page should have a title tag and meta description which is relevant to the page in question.

Depending on who you speak to you will get differing answers on how to write a title tag. In my opinion the ideal title tag is between 65-70 characters, including spaces and your strongest keywords should appear at the start of the title.

Before setting out to adjust your title tags for each page you should consider using Google’s keyword tool and analyse which keywords and phrases your competitors are using.

Home Page

The home page tends to have the most authority and importance on a website. This is due to the majority of backlinks from both external sites and internal links pointing to this page. For this reason you want to make sure your home page is optimised correctly.

Heading: The heading on your homepage says “Welcome” and is a H2 tag. This should be adjusted to a H1 tag and should include keywords which provide an outline of your business. The same applies to other pages on your website.

On-page Content: The copy on your home page and internal pages should have a greater focus on the services you offer — using your keywords and phrases to help improve the positioning and ranking of your website in search engines. Also, your text currently uses words such as “we”, “our” and “us”. Your website shouldn’t be about you, it should be about your customers! Try re-writing your copy so it focuses on your customers by using the word “you” and highlight the benefits a customer will get from using your services.

Also, the third paragraph on your homepage is unfinished. A customer may see this and be turned off as it may be seen as a reflection on your business.

Contact Info: Easy to find, however the white envelope looks like a white rectangle rather than an envelope so many people may not realise by clicking on this they will be able to send you an email. I didn’t. I would recommend removing the white envelope and putting your email address below with the contact details.

If you intend on keeping the envelope make sure it stands out so people know how to email you. Plus, all images on your website should include alternate text. Alt text is used as a replacement for an image, whenever the images can’t be seen and the text used can help with SEO.


External Links: According to Yahoo Site Explorer your site has a total of 66 external links, mainly from directories. Links play a significant role in improving the authority and ranking of your website. Your aim should be to increase the number of links considerably.

Internal Links: As your site contains only a small number of pages the internal link structure is sufficient – you have the top menu and Main Services links at the bottom which help people navigate your site. However, you could look to include additional internal links in your website copy which include your keywords.


Currently you don’t have an XML sitemap for your website. You should create one to help improve the visibility of your website to search engines.

Disclaimer: This is a basic SEO review. There are many aspects on Search Engine Optimisation we haven’t touched on. For a more in depth review and assistance with website marketing make sure you contact us.

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