Bing (and Google) Announce Partnerships with Twitter

Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products and User Experience at Google, has announced a new partnership with Twitter.

Bing was the first out of the blocks to announce a deal. Now we see Google embracing the shift towards real-time search.

Every day there are millions of tweets on every conceivable topic, and its popularity is rapidly growing!

Paul Yiu of Bing says: “Twitter give us access to public opinion and thoughts in a way that has not before been possible. From important social and political issues to keeping friends up to date on the minute-by-minute of our daily lives, the web is getting more and more real time.”

Bing is currently displaying Twitter results in a cloud above its existing search results, with the more popular topics and hot trends appearing bigger and bolder than other real-time topics.


Twitter trends are only available to Bing users located in the United States, however this will be expanded over time.

Soon we will see how Google intends to display Twitter trends. . . no doubt it will be neatly wrapped in to Google Wave at some time?

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